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The Knit Mitt Story

Paddle does not require a lot of equipment except for a paddle racquet and a spongy paddle ball.  As for attire, you need all-purpose tennis shoes and layers of warm clothing that are easy to move in and easy to discard.


But there is one particular problem: the hand holding the paddle is usually exposed to the cold.  Players have a choice with the paddle-holding hand: 1.  They can wear a glove in which case they risk the paddle slipping as they strike the ball  or 2.  They play without a glove and risk frost-bite (well, at least a terribly cold hand!)

What to do?  Again, need leads to ingenuity.


In 2010 as a paddle player with a cold hand and as a knitting enthusiast, I decided to “knit” my two passions together.  I designed and knitted a mitten without a thumb but with a 'tunnel' for the paddle to slip through.  I could grip the paddle with my bare fist while keeping my otherwise exposed hand comfy-warm.  I fashioned a mitt for myself first and then for some of my friends.  People saw them during team play, and I was asked again and again how they could buy one.

Hmmm?  Could I sell them? 

If I knit them, would they come?

I got serious about the concept and experimented with many different yarns: cotton, wool,  acrylic.  I chose the yarns most comfortable and warm yet washable for easy care.
I tested my color and design creativity and made several varieties, e.g. 'Bold', 'Stripes', 'Buoys', etc.


I have sold mitts for single individuals, matching ones for individual teammates , and country-club colors for an entire Interclub team.  I can custom mitts with any color and design and I get many requests for mitts that represent school colors.  Production is never boring because it is always custom and always different.

As Paddle Tennis grows in popularity across the nation, so does the desire to stay “playing-hand” warm and Knit Mitt-cool.

You have the need? 

I have just the right Mitt for you.

Let me know how I can help!

Sue Dougherty


Inventor, creator, knitter

I do it all!

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